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Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Australia.

Welcome to AusMotion

Based in Perth, Western Australia, AusMotion is an Australian owned vehicle accessory supplier offering a range of products to four wheel drive vehicle owners. The AusMotion range of 4WD Accessories includes solutions for dual battery systems, air compressor mounts, switch and accessory panels and molle panels.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia to withstand some of the the toughest conditions on earth for our customers worldwide. 

AusMotion products are fitted to vehicles in Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and the United States.

Find Products For Your Vehicle

Our range of products is growing rapidly and now includes dual battery system accessories for BT50, Hilux, Ranger, Amarok and DMax.

The product range is growing rapidly with battery box mounts and dual battery system accessories for more dual cab utes than ever before, 

To find products that are suitable for your vehicle, use our find my vehicle page.

What is a Dual Battery System and Why Do I Need One?

This is perhaps one of the most common questions when it comes to setting up your first 4WD, particularly if you plan on camping for a few nights with your vehicle.

240Ah secured in the Next-Gen Ranger

How much lithium battery capacity can you fit in the gap between in-tub drawers and the side-wall of the tub?

We recently developed a secure mounting solution to hold the iTechWorld 240X Pro lithium battery in the rear corner of a Next-Gen Ranger tub. Protruding just 195mm from the wall of the vehicle it comes out into the tub no further than the wheel arch, making it ideal for installation in vehicles that have in-tub drawer systems fitted.

As with all of our in-tub battery and battery box mounts, this one is compatible with both the Next-gen Ranger and 2023+ Volkswagen Amarok.

Molle Panel Storage Solutions

Our growing range of molle panel storage solutions includes accessory mounts for air compressors, recovery gear, inverters and more.

Our molle panel range now includes PX model Ranger, Next-Gen Ranger and 2023 Amarok

The AusMotion molle panel system was the first available in Australia and remains the best and most adaptable system.

One Product, Four Vehicles, Multiple Batteries

Suitable for current model DMax, BT50 and NP300 Navara in addition to the Mercedes X-Class, our latest behind-seat lithium battery mounting solution is capable of securing a range of batteries from Australia’s leading brands.

Custom Lithium, DCS, Baintech, Amptron and Dingo Box are among the brands supported.

Installation in an NP300 Navara is even possible in vehicles with the electric sliding rear window.

A behind seat battery tray is a great alternative to a traditional under-bonnet battery tray and keeps the battery and charger away from the hot engine, maximising component life.

2023 Amarok Products

Thanks to Ford and Volkswagen for platform sharing when developing the new model Ranger and Amarok, many AusMotion products are suitable for both vehicles.

We are please to confirm that the range of AusMotion switch and accessory panels, AusMotion molle panels and our in-tub battery box mounts will all fit the new Amarok.

As we work through the vehicle in coming months, we will confirm which other products will also fit the Volkswagen.

Now Shipping to The United States

Ford in the US recently began taking orders for the Australian engineered Ranger with deliveries starting in 2024. Many of our products will carry-over straight from the Australian version so we’ve now added the United States to the list of countries that we’ll ship to.

For now only our power and accessory panels are available for US shipping but once we confirm compatibility of other products we’ll add those too.