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Ford Ranger (PX Series)

Our first ever product was a battery mount for a PXII Ranger and the range has grown steadily ever since.

We now offer several different product types for Ranger including battery mounts, battery box mounts, jack and tool mounts and compressor mounts.

All of our products for Ford Ranger are designed and manufactured in Australia using CNC laser cutting and CNC pressing to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Ford Ranger In-Tub Battery Box Mounts
(For PX Ranger Models 2011 to July 2022)

The range of battery box mounts for Ranger utilise the factory thread inserts to provide a secure and reliable mount for your battery box.

Our Ranger battery box mounts are installed in just a few minutes and available for vehicles with and without tub liner for either left or right side,

Ford Ranger Behind Seat Battery Mounts
(For PX Ranger Models 2011 to July 2022)

For installation of a battery directly to the vehicle, without a battery box, AusMotion offer several options for Ford Ranger.

Installed in under 20 minutes our unique range of behind-seat battery mounts for Ford Ranger provide a safe and secure method of mounting the battery. Unlike many other generic mounting solutions, the jack and tools can remain in-position, accessed easily by slackening the quick-release straps and tilting the battery forward.

To ensure your installation remains ADR compliant, we recommend securing the battery with the Gripwell Extreme quick release straps available in our store. Current ADRs require that batteries have a restraint that can withstand 20 times the weight of the battery. Using the 300KG Gripwell straps provides a compliant solution with a significant safety margin.

Beware of some other generic battery mounts that use cheaper generic mounts as they are not compliant with ADR requirements.

Ford Ranger In-Tub Battery Mounts
(For PX Ranger Models 2011 to July 2022)

Our in-tub battery mounts allow the installation of a battery directly in the tub, without using a battery box.

Popular with owners of slimline AGM and lithium batteries from several leading brands, the battery is held in the optimum position.

Please note that these mounts are only suitable for Rangers with the original plastic tub liner fitted and they can only be fitted on the passenger side.

Ford Ranger Accessory Mounts
(For PX Ranger Models 2011 to July 2022)

Developed to solve our customer’s problems, the accessory mounting products compliment our other mounting solutions.

The in-tub jack and tool mount was developed for customers who want quick and easy access to the tools and jack when they have baby or child seats installed in the back seats. By relocating the tools and jack to the tub, children can stay in their seats whilst the wheel is changed.

Ranger Molle Panel System
(For PX Ranger Models 2011 to July 2022)

The AusMotion Molle Panel System for Ranger provides your vehicle with the ultimate equipment storage solution.

Find out more on our dedicated Molle Panel System page.