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Battery Mount – 3rd Gen BT50/DMax and NP300 Navara – Ultra-slim Lithium


Battery box mount designed to suit slimline batteries.


Made to order Battery mount to suit ultra-slim lithium batteries from Baintech and Amptron. Please allow 2 week for manufacture.

Locally designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.

Battery Compatibility

Please select your battery type from the drop-down boxes above when ordering. Note that there is one version for Baintech batteries and another for Amptron, the two mounts are not interchangeable.

Version for Baintech batteries:

  • BTLITH-1275-SL
  • BTLITH -1275-SL-DCS
  • BTLITH -12110-SL
  • BTLITH -12110-SL-DCS

Version for Amptron batteries:

  • AT-LFP-12- 100HV01

Vehicle Compatibility

This product has been designed to fit several different vehicles and the fitting kit includes all parts necessary for all. It is designed to fit the following vehicles:

Mazda BT50 and Isuzu DMax

  • Mazda BT50 4×4 Dual Cab (3rd generation “TF” June 2020 onward)
  • Isuzu DMax 4×4 Dual Cab (3rd generation “RD” October 2019 onward)

The installer must use a drill to increase the size of one hole in a bracket on the back wall of the cab (see photo). An M6 thread insert (supplied with the battery mount) must then be fitted to that hole using a simple, cost effective tool available from tool shops and large hardware stores. This product cannot be fitted without the supplied thread insert being added to the vehicle.

The plastic trim panel that is fitted to the back wall of the cab and the other down the side of the back wall will need to be trimmed a little during installation.

Nissan Navara

  • NP300 Navara

Suitable for all NP300 Navara vehicles, including those with the electric rear sliding window. Vehicles without ISOFIX rear seat anchors require thread inserts (not included) to be fitted in the vehicle floor to secure the battery mount.

For vehicles with the electric sliding rear window, the actuator is relocated to above the battery. It’s proven to work well in this new location but the installer will need to extend the wiring to the actuator (a basic two wire cable).

Requires no drilling or cutting of metalwork to install this product in vehicles with ISOFIX rear seat anchors.

All Vehicles

This mount designed for direct mounting of the Baintech or Amptron batteries listed above.

Installation takes approximately one hour.

Includes pre-cut holes for Redarc BCDC charger, multiple midi fuse holders, Victron shunt and a circuit breaker.

Carpet on back wall of the cab must be removed to install this product. You may decide to trim the carpet panel and fit the remains on either side of the battery mount but most owners opt to leave the carpet panel out of the vehicle.

Using a battery larger than the models given above will cause the seat back to not fit.


  • Stainless Steel

Additional information

Weight 5.0 kg
Dimensions 71 × 60 × 9 cm
Product Type

Battery Brand

Baintech, Amptron