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Ford Ranger – Molle Panel System

Ford Ranger In-Tub Molle Panel System

First to the Australian market, the AusMotion Molle Panel System, provides almost limitless storage opportunities for air compressors, hoses, recovery gear, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, safety gear, camping equipment and more.

One Panel, Many Possibilities

The AusMotion Molle Panel System provides you with a range of mounting options for either items and products within the range, or for pouches, bags and devices found in camping and outdoor adventure stores.

You can configure your installation to suit your needs today and change it in the future for a trip or for work.

Secure, No-Drill, No-Weld Installation

Utilising AusMotion’s patented no-drill side-wall mounting bracket,  the AusMotion Molle Panel System is installed easily in less than an hour with access to the factory tie-down bars retained if needed.

Manufactured In Australia

Our Molle Panel System products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Western Australia, using only materials that meet Australian Standards.

Whilst we have provided a huge array of mounting slots, holes and pre-cut positions, we know that some people will want to mount something that doesn’t quite fit in those places.

The panel is manufactured from Australian Standard grade 250 structural steel plate which means it’s capable of withstanding anything you can throw at it, whilst also retaining the ability for you to drill your own holes – Just make sure you treat bare metal edges around your hole with a suitable paint to prevent corrosion.

Find The Solution For Your Vehicle

Since the PX Ranger was first introduced there have been several different variants of plastic tub liner, a couple of different roller shutters and a couple of sports bars – This means there is no one-fits-all solution for a Ranger Molle Panel.

We have worked hard to develop the following vehicle based solutions – Please select your product from the list here and read each description carefully to establish which one you need.

Please contact us if you require assistance selecting the molle panel solution the fit your vehicle.

Ranger Raptor Molle Panel System

Designed specifically for the PXII Ranger Raptor, including vehicles fitted with either half length or full length sports bar and 12V power outlet in the side wall of the tub, The AusMotion Molle Panel System provides the ultimate equipment mounting solution for your Raptor.

Full Length Ranger Raptor Molle Panel Kits

Partial Ranger Raptor Panel Kits

PXI, PXII and PXIII Ranger Dual Cab - No tub liner

The steelwork on all PXI, PXII and PXIII Rangers is identical. This means that these items in Molle Panel range will fit any Ranger without plastic a tub liner – Be sure to check each item description though as some aftermarket accessories may get in the way.

Full Length Ranger Dual Cab Molle Panel Kits

Partial Ranger Dual Cab Molle Panel Kits

PXI, PXII and PXIII Ranger Dual Cab - With Ford plastic tub liner

There are at least four different versions of the Ford plastic tub liner since the PXI was introduced up to the end of PXIII production. This makes for an interesting design challenge as each forward section of Molle Panel has to be designed to suit a particular tub liner variant.

We have created dedicated mounting brackets for each version of the tub liner, allowing you to install easily whilst not obstructing any 12V outlet that your vehicle may have.

The rear panel includes a unique patent-pending adaptor (not shown below) to provide a secure mounting to the side wall of the tub without drilling any additional holes in the bodywork.

Luckily all tub liners are identical in the rear corner so that’s a great place to start building your system.

Currently only the rear section of the panel system is available to for vehicles with tub liner but it is compatible with future products that will fit over the wheel arch in vehicles with a tub liner.


Molle Panel Mounting Solutions

Our Molle Panel System includes a number of mounting accessories.