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DMax and BT50 (3rd Gen)

Isuzu DMax - 3rd Generation (October 2019 onward)
Mazda BT50 - 3rd Generation (June 2020 onward)

The third generation Isuzu DMax and Mazda BT50 vehicles are built on a shared platform. This means that many aftermarket 4WD accessories are compatible with both vehicles.

Universal Lithium Battery Mounting System

Australia’s only multi-battery, multi-vehicle lithium mounting solution. Compatible with all current model DMax and BT50 dual cab vehicles and capable of securing a wide range of batteries from Australia’s most popular battery brands.

Providing an alternative to a traditional under-bonnet battery tray, a slimline lithium behind-seat tray keeps the battery and charger electronics away from the heat of the engine, nicely cooled by the cabin air conditioning whilst the car is running and the battery charger is working.

The universal behind-seat lithium battery tray provides a secure method of installing a lithium battery from any popular brand including Baintech, DCS, Amptron, Custom Lithium and iTech World.

Custom Lithium 100Ah battery mount

Designed to suit the Custom Lithium 100Ah ultra-slim lithium battery in the current model BT50 and DMax, this behind seat mount will be replaced with the universal mount once stock is all gone. Grab a bargain now, whilst stocks last.