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Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Australia.

Welcome to AusMotion

Based in Perth, Western Australia, AusMotion is an Australian owned vehicle accessory supplier offering a range of products to four wheel drive vehicle owners.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia to withstand some of the the toughest conditions on earth for our customers worldwide. 

AusMotion products are fitted to vehicles in Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and the United States.

Find Products For Your Vehicle

Our range of products is growing rapidly and now includes BT50, Hilux, Ranger, Amarok and DMax.

To find products that are suitable for your vehicle, use our find my vehicle page.

New Model Ranger

Hot on the heels of Ford’s new model Ranger, the AusMotion product range now includes behind-seat lithium battery mounts, DCDC charger brackets, in-tub battery box mounts and our very popular in-tub auxiliary switch and power outlet panels.

Whilst Ford provided new Ranger owners with a single 12V outlet in the tub, most keen 4WD owners will need multiple outlets and switching. This is where our in-tub accessory and outlet panels come in.

Available as a bundle with Narva sealed rocker switches, USB and 12V outlets including a pair of Anderson connectors, or simply the un-furnished plate, the panel fits perfectly into the bodywork using the screws which hold Ford’s single-outlet panel in-place.

DMax, BT50 and Navara Behind-Seat Battery Mounting Solutions

Whilst we’ve been busy developing products for the New Ranger, our behind-seat mounts for DMax, BT50 and Navara have been flying off the shelves.

Including pre-cut holes for a Redarc BCDC charger, Victron shunt, blade fuse holder and midi fuse holders, the panel can be built-up on the bench prior to mounting in the vehicle, making installation quicker, easier and safer.

PX Series Ranger

With the new model ranger generating a lot of interest, we cant forget the previous PX series which, will be increasingly modified and enhanced by owners as used vehicles become more accessible.

The AusMotion behind-seat lithium battery range is incredibly popular with installers, taking less than 15 minutes to fit the bracket whilst keeping the jack and tools in-place, easily accessed by simply releasing the restraining straps and tilting the battery forward.

Gen8 (N80) Hilux Behind-Seat Lithium Battery Mount

Our range of class-leading behind-seat lithium battery mounts now includes the 8th Generation Toyota Hilux (N80). The unique design allows installation of either DCS or Baintech batteries and includes pre-cut holes for fuse holders and a Victron shunt for when the Baintech battery is installed.