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Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Australia.

Ford Ranger (RA Series)

The AusMotion range includes the new Ford Ranger RA series, commonly known as Next-Gen Ranger. 

Our philosophy of doing everything we can to avoid drilling and cutting metalwork continues from the previous model, ensuring that installation of our products is quick, simple and can be achieved using basic tools.

Our Next Gen Ranger product range includes mounting solutions for a slimline battery behind the seat in all models of Next-Gen Ranger, including Raptor, ARB Air compressor mounts, molle panels and switch panels.

Switch and Accessory Panels

Utilising the existing removable panel in all Next Gen Ranger and Amarok, the AusMotion power and switch accessory panel allows industry standard switches and power outlets to be easily added to the vehicle.

Providing multiple switching options, Anderson Plug outlets, USB and 12V outlets in one convenient location for your 4WD Accessories like a 12V Fridge or air compressor to be connected easily.

Accessory panels can be purchased either on their own (un-furnished) or in a bundle with common switching and outlet configurations.

Molle Panels

Australia’s most versatile in-tub storage system for Next-Gen Ford Ranger. Easily configured to suit your vehicle, with mounting adaptors for air compressors, power inverters, lithium batteries, shovels and more.

Available for Next-Gen Ranger including Raptor, the molle panel provides the ultimate in-tub storage solution for many 4WD and camping accessories.

Ford ranger molle panel for Next-Gen Ranger and Raptor

Behind Seat Lithium Battery Mounts

A great alternative to an under-bonnet battery tray and installed in less than an hour, our behind-seat lithium battery mounts are designed to safely and securely hold your battery, even on the toughest Australian roads and tracks.

Utilising existing holes and features in the back wall of the cab, no holes are drilled and no metalwork is cut to fit these products.

Unlike an under-bonnet battery tray, our Next Gen Ranger behind-seat battery mounts keep the battery and charger electronics away from the heat of the engine, maximising component life.

Battery Charging

Complementing the Next-Gen Ranger behind-seat battery, the behind-seat battery charger bracket is pre-cut with holes to suit most leading-brand battery chargers, inlcuding the Redarc BCDC and BCDC Core battery chargers.

The battery charger bracket is fitted on the back wall of the cab, behind the passenger seat using existing holes and features in the vehicle bodywork.

In-Tub Battery Box Mounts

Our Next-Gen Ranger battery box mounts provide a convenient and secure way to fit your plastic battery box. Battery boxes are a great alternative to an under-bonnet dual battery tray, providing power for 4WD accessories and fridges whilst in the car with the added benefit of being easily removable to power a fridge, induction hob or camp lights whilst camping.

ARB Twin Air Compressor Mount

Mounted in the Ford approved location between the inner and outer skin of the tub, the ARB twin air compressor is hidden from view and cant be struck by moving objects in the tub.

The 12V ARB Twin compressor outlet can be fitted either alongside the bracket on the right side of the vehicle or an air line can be run to the opposite side where the connector can be mounted in an AusMotion accessory panel, higher up the tub wall, away from potential damage and obstruction.

Jack Relocation Kit

When installing a behind seat dual battery system in Next-Gen Ranger, the jack needs to be relocated. The AusMotion jack relocation kit provides a secure and easily accessible location for the jack in the rear corner of the tub.

Available for models both with and without tub liner and including a mounting location for the Ranger Raptor jack extension.

Storage Shelves for Maxliner Venture Canopy

Providing additional storage for smaller items that could otherwise get lost, our storage shelves for the popular Maxliner Venture canopy are installed easily using existing bolts in the Maxliner canopy structure.