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Accessory Power and Outlet Panels

The AusMotion range now includes several variants of the popular range of in-tub accessory panels. These panels were initially designed to replace the plastic version fitted by Ford and Volkswagen and provide the user with many options for power connections, switch operations and air fittings. However, there’s no reason they cant be fitted in another vehicle or different application if the installer is willing to cut a suitable hole.

AusMotion accessory panels are all available as “un-furnished” panels, allowing you to source your own switches and power connections to suit your application. Many of the panels are also available as a bundle with popular switch and outlet combinations.

Electrical work to correctly wire the switches will take several hours and we recommend using a qualified auto electrician for this.


Installation in Next-Gen Ford Ranger (July 2022 onward) and 2023 Amarok

Installation of the panel itself in the Next-Gen Ranger and 2023 Amarok takes less than ten minutes and utilises the bodywork holes that are present in every Next-Gen and 2023 Amarok vehicle. Some lower-end models come from factory with a simple blank plate whilst others have a 12V outlet and/or switch in the factory panel. Among the products below we offer a replacement switch that can be used to operate the factory roller shutter on Ranger Wildtrak models.

Installation in Another Vehicle or Flat Surface

All AusMotion switch and accessory panels are suitable for mounting on any flat surface with a suitably sized cutout and mounting holes. The size of the panel and the required cutout is shown below.

Hole size to be cut into the mounting surface = 225mm x 115mm

Size of flange = 290mm x 170mm

Mounting holes = 4x M6 bolts 249mm x 135mm

Un-Furnished Accessory Panels

Un-furnished panels allow the installer great flexibility to fit the combination of switches and outlets most appropriate to the vehicle owner’s needs.

Where rectangular cutouts are provided for switches, we recommend only using sealed switches from Narva or Carling, particularly if no canopy or hard-lid is fitted to the vehicle. These switches are also the correct size to avoid clashing with others and will be easily operated whilst wearing gloves.

Electrical switching with electrical outlets

Electrical switching with battery monitor and electrical outlets

Electrical switching with air and electrical outlets

Air Suspension Controls

Accessory panels with pre-cut holes to suit aftermarket air suspension controls.

Eelectrical switching with electrical outlets and fuse box mounting

Accessory panels with pre-cut mounting for Enerdrive Fuse Block (Rear Entry, 1 In 6 Out with LEDs) EA-FB-01

Accessory Panel Bundles

Shipped with the most popular selection of switches and power connections, this selection of AusMotion accessory panel bundles provide a simple solution for most common installations.

We use Narva switches because they’re rated at 20A, making wiring easier as no relay is required.