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Battery Mount – Hilux (Gen 8 / N80) – Behind seat iTechWorld 100SS Mount


Behind-seat iTechWorld100SS Lithium battery mount for N80 Hilux.

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Please note – This is a brand new product so whilst we establish demand and build stock levels, there may be a wait of two weeks for your order to be manufactured.

Battery Compatibility

This battery mount has been designed exclusively for the iTechWorld 100SS lithium battery.

No other battery is compatible with this product.


Vehicle Compatibility

Suitable for Toyota Hilux 2015+ (Gen8 AN120, AN130)

Battery Charging

This product includes pre-cut holes for the following battery chargers, to be mounted to the left of the battery.

  • iTechWorld – iTECHDCDC-25
  • iTechWorld – iTECHDCDC-40
  • Redarc BCDC “Classic” battery charger BCDC1225D
  • Redarc BCDC “Classic” battery charger BCDC1240D
  • Redarc BCDC “Classic” battery charger BCDC1250D
  • Redarc BCDC “Core” Charger range

You can purchase a Redarc BCDC CORE battery charger to ship with your battery mount from our store here.

Installation Notes

Installed on the driver-side of the cab back wall. In the same location as the similar product shown below.

The back plate includes pre-cut holes for two twin-midi fuse holders or two single-midi fuse holders (fuse holders not included).

No-drill installation, using original thread inserts and holes in the vehicle cab wall. No cutting of metalwork is necessary.

One hole in the cab wall cross-member needs to be tapped to convert it from a 5mm hole to an M6 bolt hole. An M6 thread tap is easy to use and can be purchased from a car parts or hardware store.

The contoured carpet panel on the back wall must be removed during installation. Some installers decide to completely remove the carpet panel on the driver side whilst others take the time to carefully mark holes and pass bolts through the carpet to keep it intact as shown above.

Installation of the battery mounting bracket takes around 30 minutes, not including any electrical or wiring work.

New bolts included.



Stainless steel.




Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 63 × 39 × 8 cm
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