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Battery Mount – Ranger – DCS 100Ah ultra-slim lithium


Battery box mount designed to suit slimline batteries.

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Made to order Battery mount to suit the 100Ah ultra-slim Lithium battery from DCS

This product has been replaced with our universal mounting bracket

Locally designed and manufactured in Australia.

Battery Compatibility:

This product has been designed to mount the DCS 100Ah slimline battery.

May be suitable for other batteries of the same size 690(l) x 300(h) x 50(d).

Note that we have dedicated mounts available for other slimline batteries from Baintech and Custom Lithium

Installation Notes:

This mount designed for direct mounting of the DCS 100Ah battery.

Allows the jack and tools to remain fitted in the standard location in non-Raptor vehicles. For Raptor installations the jack extension that is fitted to the back wall will need to be relocated (we suggest placing it in the under-seat storage bin)

Suitable for PXI, PXII, PXIII and Ranger Raptor vehicles.

Also fits 2nd generation Mazda BT50.

BT50, PXI Ranger and PXII Ranger require no modification to the vehicle to install this product.

Installation on PXIII and Ranger Raptor will require a small section of the carpet on the rear cab wall to be cut out using a sharp knife. This can be done easily in the vehicle.

No-drill installation, using original Ford thread inserts in the back wall.

Not suitable for vehicles with the rear seats removed.

Using a battery larger than the sizes given above will cause the seat back to not latch in the up position.

Requires suitably rated straps to retain the battery – Available through “related products” at the checkout.

Battery Charger Mounting

Our under-seat battery charger bracket is the perfect companion for the behind seat battery mount and is available through “related products” at the checkout.

Jack and Tool Access:

This mount designed to allow the tools and jack to remain in their original position behind the rear seats. To remove the tools, simply release the battery using the quick release straps and tilt the battery forward. The tools can then be easily released to slide out from under the mount, toward the passenger side of the vehicle.

Note that on Ranger Raptor vehicles, the jack extension which is fitted to the back wall will need to be relocated. We suggest simply placing it in the storage bin under the rear seat.


  • Stainless Steel

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