AUSMOTION – High Quality Vehicle Accessories

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Australia.

The Design Process


All AUSMOTION products are, without exception, designed in 3D CAD by our in-house design engineer.

The design process often starts with a customer’s request for something different, something that they’re unable to find anywhere else, or something that they’d like to be better than what they can find anywhere else.

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3D Scanning

Many of our products are designed using 3D scanning technology. This allows us to quickly capture details of the host vehicle that would simply not be possible by conventional methods. The 3D scanner produces a massive file that can be hard to manipulate or even open in some CAD software but our experts utilise dedicated software to optimise the model with no reduction in detail.

The 3D scanned model is used in the CAD software to ensure a perfect fit first time. Many of our products go from the virtual world to installation in the customer’s vehicle very quickly with no need to make physical prototypes.