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Custom Lithium Portable Battery Mounting Solutions

July 7, 2023 by ausmotion
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In-Tub Mounts for the Custom Lithium Portable Battery

We’ve worked with Custom Lithium for several years to create a range of unique battery mounting solutions for dual cab utes. 

Their latest addition is a portable battery available in 100Ah, 160Ah and 200Ah and comes with a number of power outlets and built-in Victron battery monitor.

Just like using a battery in a battery box, the Custom Lithium portable battery can be securely mounted using an AusMotion bracket but is also easily removed to power camp lights or a family fridge in your tent.

The portable battery is a great alternative to a traditional dual battery system.

Vehicle Compatibility

Currently we offer in-tub mounting brackets for Hilux, Amarok, PX Ranger and Next-Gen Ranger.

All of these utilise the existing tie-down bolts in the rear corner of the tub with the Hilux being the only one that needs an additional hole drilled into the bodywork.

For Amarok and Ranger the mount is securely attached to the vehicle using the rear and side-wall tie-down bar bolts.

Whilst the Hilux version is not compatible with tub liners that extend up the side-wall of the tub, the Ranger and Amarok versions are available to suit the plastic factory tub liner.

All vehicle variants are available to fit those with no tub liner or a spray-in liner.

Find the product for your vehicle

All of the Custom Lithium mounting brackets can be found easily by using our Find My Vehicle page, but we’ve picked out those for the new portable battery and listed them below.

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