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Ford Ranger (RA Series) – Molle Panels

AusMotion Molle Panel System - For Next-Gen Ford Ranger

Next-Gen Ranger Molle Panels and Accessories

AusMotion Molle panels are specially designed panels that can be attached to the interior of the tub.

Molle stands for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.” and is commonly pronounced the same as the name Molly

Our Molle panels feature a series pre-cut holes and slots, allowing users to attach various accessories and tools securely. These accessories can include anything from recovery gear, air compressors, power inverters, jerry can mounts, toolboxes, and first aid kits, to firearms and other gear needed for camping, hunting, or off-road adventures.

Ford ranger molle panel for Next-Gen Ranger and Raptor

The AusMotion Molle system allows users to reconfigure and adjust the setup as their needs change.

Next-Gen Ranger Molle Panels

The Molle Panel acts as the base from which the system is built. It provides a secure place to attach either accessories from our website, or others you may decide to create and attach yourself.

Panels are available for the left and right side of the vehicle and can be purchased either individually or as a complete kit.

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Molle Panel Accessories

Our range of Molle Panel accessories includes a range of Quick Fist clamps and adaptors to allow almost anything cylindrical or slightly irregular in shape to be attached to the panel. This might include an axe, recovery gear, camping equipment or an air hose.