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Storage Shelf for Maxliner Venture Canopy – Half-Length


Half-length storage shelf for Maxliner Venture canopy

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Whilst we aim to keep some of these in-stock ready for immediate dispatch, they can sell-out quickly which means it may be two weeks from date of order for us to manufacture and ship yours.

Designed for installation in a Maxliner Venture canopy using basic tools and existing bolt positions in the Maxliner canopy structure.

Load Rating

The half-length storage shelf has a 20kg load rating which, is more than enough for the kind of things that you’d want to keep up there such as jackets, hats, rugs, recovery straps and a first aid kit.

The load rating has been verified through extensive off-road testing and our thorough engineering validation process which, includes FEA (finite element analysis).

Please note that if you have roof racks fitted, the 6kg weight of the storage shelf and anything carried within should be subtracted from the available capacity of the canopy roof. For example, if you load your basket to the maximum of 20kg, the capacity of the roof is reduced by 26kg.

Maxliner list the capacity of the roof as 100kg dynamic (driving on and off-road) and 300kg static (vehicle parked).

The load rating is for a uniformly distributed load (UDL) which means the 20kg is spread evenly over the basket. If you decide to hang a 20kg object from one of bars that make up the basket mesh floor design, you will probably bend the basket.

Rear Vision

We’ve designed the storage shelf to minimise the reduction in rear vision from the driver’s mirror. Our team worked through three prototypes in different traffic conditions with several drivers to establish the best basket height which, provides great storage volume whilst not hanging too low from the Venture canopy ceiling.



Internal dimensions of the basket:

  • Width = 885mm
  • Depth = 460mm
  • Height = 165mm

Installation Notes

Two person installation – The basket must be held in position whilst a second person fits the mounting bolts.

Installed using the standard bolts within the Maxliner Venture canopy support structure.

Next-Gen Rangers with the Maxliner Venture canopy should already have the Ford J-Brace fitted as required when installing any structure above the top of the tub.

Material and Finish

Manufactured from Australian grade steel

Powder coated black.

Designed, Engineered and manufactured in Western Australia.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 89 × 46 × 17 cm
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