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Ford Ranger (RA Series) and 2023 Amarok – Battery Box Mounts

In-Tub Battery Box Mounts

Our range of dedicated in-tub battery box mounts has been expanded to suit the new model Ranger and Amarok, both of which utilise an identical inner body and tub liner design.

Please contact us if you need to mount a battery box that is not listed here.

When installing your battery box mount, we recommend using an M8 thread tap to clean the threads in the bodywork due to the excessive threadlock applied when the vehicle was built.

You can buy a thread tap at hardware stores or get it delivered quickly from Amazon by clicking here.

Note that any battery box mount with “Ranger (RA)” in the title will also fit the 2023 Amarok

What is a Dual Battery System?

A dual battery system allows you to run auxiliary equipment without draining the main starter battery. This is important because if the main starter battery dies, you won’t be able to start your vehicle.

You can use your dual battery system’s secondary battery to run air compressors, fridges, lights and even an induction hob or coffee machine.